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Theatre brings people together...

We are a young creative company, hungry for new challenges and about to start new exciting projects. We do new, experimental theatre and everything that is and is not part of it. We love new writing but aren't scared of showing classics in a new way. Trying out new things, and going new ways is what we want to do.  Clever is the new funny!

We all met in 2018 at the Questors Theatre at different productions and became friends. We worked together as a team for the first time on "One Minute Past Eight" in October 2018, where we got brilliant feedback and reviews. Our aim? Bring Science Fiction on stage!

August 2019, we did the Camden Fringe. Our biggest adventure so far! "You have absolutely no sense of time", by Shawn Lindsell. This time with a slightly different cast, and eight performances at the Hen and Chickens Theatre in London.

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Our previous shows:

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August 2019 

Hen and Chickens Theatre

You Have Absolutely No Sense Of Time

by Shawn Lindsell

An accident with a time machine brings three very different people together in a way no one would've expected. But do they realise what they've got themselves into?

A lighthearted comedy for science-fiction fans, families, and those who refuse to grow up. Inspired by "2001-A Space Odyssey". Originally shown at the Questors Theatre "One Minute Past Eight" in October 2018.


Arthur and Scott, an unlikely pair to work together, visit the Professor in her lab to examine the newest release for their company "SciCorp": a product to store and release time. A very safe theory. But an unthoughtful move leads the unfinished device to be used and the three find themselves in a situation they didn't expect. Time is fluid...

"In a delightfully silly half an hour performance we experienced the most  low-fi version of sci-fi imaginable, and if, as advised in the script, you don't think about it too much, it's fun to go along for the ride."

- Review 

'The Black Box Friends'-Zoom Night


Lockdown? Zoom? Science Fiction?

June 2020. The world is in Lockdown. But did that stop us? No!

We performed three newly written plays, in August 2020 for you.

Where? At your home.

Exactly, we streamed our show via ZOOM.

This time, our three competition winners. Lockdown in a Science Fiction Cocktail. What could possibly go wrong?!

- 'THE DAILY BRIEFING' by Martin Choules

- 'THE INVISIBLE DEATH' by Maria Gebhardt


- 'RAJZMAZ' by Daniel Cawtheray

August 2020

via ZOOM


Then watch it here...

Our Team

Everyone in our team is trained in Theatre Productions, Acting or has got years of experience at the theatre. 

We work as a team and flexible in all kind of areas backstage and on stage. 


Maria Gebhardt


Olly Potter


Sadie Crowder

Ciara Foote

Daniel Cawtheray

Alex Dawson


Laurie Swan


Jennifer Nettles


Sarah Vass


Martin Choules


Robert Eagle  



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